Stunning Hotel Aiguaclara

Aiguaclara is a great example how a Matterport scan can be used to show the full beauty of a property. Scanning a whole Hotel is slightly more challenging than a normal scan. The difficulty came from having to do different hotel rooms at different times due to having to fit around the hotels schedule. 

However we still managed to come out with a great scan that has been uploaded to google maps which you can see here

Having it on google maps means that anyone who searches up the hotel will be able to have a walk around the hotel making them able to get a real feel of the place.

We have also made a video in which you have a high quality walk through showing the true feel of the hotel which you can see here

Using Matterport for Google Street View

Using a Matterport camera to include your property in Google Street view is a doddle once the property is scanned. The results are not quite as good as the full matterport experience but this is a fantastic benefit to holiday homes, shops, hotels or even museums.








Beautiful villas in Begur Spain

We were delighted to scan these beautiful villas in Begur Spain. Outside spaces can be tricky, but by making sure the gardens and terraces were scanned in evening  light we were able to get a full immersive experience, even outside.

To get more details of how you can rent one of these amazing properties please visit


Villa Begur


Villa Sa Riera